What makes Nagatani different

1. From start to completion each product is the work of a single craftsperson

Our craftspeople have a deep knowledge of the material with which they work. All of the bags they make, are made in Japan at our workshop, with a process that could not replicated through mass production. Each stage of creation is completed by hand. The task of realising our designs is left to a single craftsperson who takes responsibility for each moment in its manufacture. This is how we provide a guarantee of quality, and it is the mark of a Nagatani bag.

2. The calfskin leather we use

As experts in leather we only use the best materials available. For us, this is calfskin leather from a specific region of the Swiss Alps. This leather is soft, refined in its colour, and beautiful in its line formations. After processing, and dying in Germany, we use this material for our products, and are one of very few companies to do so. The material itself is so rare, that even before any work has begun, Nagatani products are already limited editions.

3. The use of leather thread for stitchwork

Most makers of even luxury leather goods, use cotton or polyester for stitching. At Nagatani, we are different, and ensure the hand stitched threads in our bags are made from thin cords of leather. This creates a strength, and sense of unity for each piece. The process of creating the thread is one Nagatani has developed using rolled leather. This is something unique to us, and adds an especial quality to the finishing of the handles and edges of our bags.It is a further area where the craftsmanship in Nagatani’s production process finds its expression.