W 30cm
H 25cm
D 13cm
color select / possible

The beauty of a bag is supported first of all by its material, with this one using the finest Espoir shrink leather. This is leather used by the world’s best luxury makers, that hides marks on its surface and improves its texture with use.
To place the emphasis on the material, the metal findings are kept to a minimum. This absence enhances a sense of luxury, and simple quality across the bag.
The diagonal cut on the body of the piece, expresses the quality of workmanship found in a Nagatani bag.
The leather work on the bag’s sides give it flexibility and a classic feel. Meanwhile the work with leather thread on its body, are the hallmark of a Nagatani bag. Granting a delicate colour contrast, it adds to the sense of refined quality.
While presenting a strong form, the bag opens easily and allows its owner to quickly retrieve items.
A perfect accompaniment in luxury contexts, this bag is one born of dedication to quality.

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